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Biography, Crime /
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This movie is not for everyone due to the amount of grotesque language, but is highly educational and entertaining. Denzel Washington’s son John David has already established himself as an up-and-comer and sounds just like his pa! He has some of that same charismatic charm that we love, and I hope to see him again in other movies. Adam Driver did a good job playing the hard nose cop who has some problems of his own, and he really showed passion. Topher Grace was good as KKK leader David Duke, and his conversations with Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) were some of the best parts of the movie. This movie has a unique blend of comedy and drama, and doesn’t have any sex, and barely any violence. I sometimes didn’t know when to laugh or not, but some of the things they say are hilarious yet scary because there are actually ignorant people like that in real life! Overall, if you are sensitive, go see it, if you aren’t sensitive, DEFINITELY go see it! Support my brothas and sistas who worked so hard to make this project come to life.

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I don’t know how true this story was. I did enjoy watching it, but coming from a non racist area of California I found the KKK members to be outrageous and they seemed like caricatures. Are they really that bad and ignorant? I found the soft touch depiction of the Black Panthers and their talking about arming themselves for the coming civil war and the blatant, over the top murderous, ignorant depiction of the KKK slightly revealing. I value truth and don’t want to be manipulated at the theater. The movie was good and funny at times. But the whole idea that Trump was calling the neo-Nazis «good people» at the end of the film is just more lies and this is what keeps this stupid race war going. Trump was not approving of the thugs of the neo-nazis or of the thugs of anti-fa. He was referring to people who don’t want every single statue in the south torn down because young people today paint every single soldier in the Civil War as evil. This was half of America, people, was everyone a demon? No. And some people at that march in Charlottesville simply wanted to stop statues from being knocked down. Then, the thugs of Anti-fa and the thugs of KKK and neo-Nazis showed up and now Trump’s words are used by the left to brand him a «racist» their favorite word. Sad that that twisting of the facts had to end the movie. Sad that Jordan Peele seems to share that belief. I love Peele’s comedy but that part of the movie ruined it for me. Other than the blatant anti-Trump message, I liked the movie.

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